Ballmer Says Obvious: SideKick Outage Not Good

In a statement released yesterday, Microsoft assured users it is working "around the clock" to restore everything. With any luck, affected users should have their contacts back by the end of this week.

"We continue to make steady progress, and we hope to be able to begin restoring personal contacts for affected users this week, with the remainder of the content (photographs, notes, to-do-lists, marketplace data, and high scores) shortly thereafter."

Nice to see everyone is going to get his or her important data back, even if it is going to take a while. That said, what would this cloud computing catastrophe be without a word or two from Steve Ballmer?

When asked about the incident, he described the situation as, "not good" and went on to say that it looks like all the data will be recovered. The CEO of Microsoft went on to tell Network World that the Redmond-based company would have to make extra effort to assure to enterprise customers the same mistake would not be made again.

"It is something we are going to have to address and explain to customers our method and process and quality approach and what went wrong in that case and how we are making sure that it does not happen again."

Would you ever trust cloud computing? Why or why not?

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  • ssalim
    Everybody makes a mistake. Give them one more chance.
  • agentjon
    I wonder how many microsoft employees are now receving unemployement checks because of this.
  • Anonymous
    XBOX RRoD and DVD drive problem,s sidekick data loss, Vista, Win ME, ... just to name the ones on the top of my head. Microsoft has had a million and two chances, and blows about every other one. Good job, M$.