VIDEO: Duke Nukem Vids Feature Jetpack, Poop

What do you get when you cross a jetpack with a bowl full of crap? Duke Nukem Forever! Although fans must endure yet another delay in Duke Nukem's "forever-and-a-day" developmental hell (albeit rather brief compared to the overall picture), 2K Games and Gearbox are now offering two more inspirational videos to keep fans entertained until the official launch. Just think of these clips as short cartoons before the main feature...

First up to bat is a clip showcasing a little fun using the notorious jetpak:

Duke Nukem Forever Jetpack

Of course, a day can't go by without some kind of fun playing with poop:

Duke Nukem Forever Feces

If you didn't catch the release dates, Duke Nukem Forever invades the earth on June 10, 2011, followed by a separate North American assault on June 14, 2011.

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  • That second video... WIN!
  • WIN !!!
    the duke is back and dirtier than ever
  • 10 year of development and we get to poop fling!