Nexus Rolls Out Real Silent 140 mm Fan

Nexus is rolling out a new fan, the 140 mm Real Silent case fan. The fan features a black frame with a white blade design, and is referred to as model number D14SL.

The fan features a maximum rotational speed of just 1,000 RPM. At this speed, it makes 19 dBA of noise and pushes through 46.87 CFM in a non-restrictive environment. Sadly, the fan is not PWM controllable, and the starting voltage is 8 Volts. Therefore, it is unlikely to work on a 5 Volt line either for an even lower rotational speed.

The unit will hit the market any time now, packing a 3 year warranty, for an unknown price.

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  • thor220
    It's time the fix the "There is 0 Comment" spelling error toms. It's a super easy fix, I know.
    Now about this article, the fan sounds excellent for a media center build, so long as the price isn't too crazy.
  • ksham
    Those are nice stats. Hopefully the price is good. I'll probably still stick with the Noiseblocker Silent Pro though since most my cases are black. But if I need a white colored fan, I'll know where to go.
  • DarkSable
    19 DBA and 45 CFM "in a non restrictive environment."
    That's roughly on part for a silent fan, but how does it do on radiators? The phrasing seems to imply that it won't fare well, even though that's where you're going to want the quietest fans possible.