Tom's Guide: 12 Free and Useful Data Recovery Utilities

Backing up your data is extremely important, but that's the last thing you need to be told when you've lost critical information due to negligence. Luckily, your carelessness doesn't have to mean your data is gone forever, as there is a wealth of tools out there for recovering or retrieving lost data. Check out Tom's Guide's latest roundup of data recovery utilities for some of the best ones available.

As the need for computers at work, home, and school has grown, so too has the amount of data we produce. Many times we consider the information we store on our PCs more important than actual physical objects. And why not, when the files we work with on the computer represent many long hours of hard work?

Still, it's amazing how many users take a flippant approach towards backing up important data—if they bother maintaining any backups at all. The following software won't replace any good backup regime, but they do offer a chance to successfully retrieve information lost through human or computer error.

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  • arnoldlouie
    I was startled to see a lot of useless comments. My neighbor works at home and earns nothing. LOL
  • Anonymous
    i just use hirens boot cd, though i use it on a flash drive instead 90% of the time. if its not in hirens it cant be done
  • sertdatarecovery
    Honestly its really hazardous to use this kind of software if you really care about your date. Trying to personally recover critical information due to negligence is negligence itself. I know you think data recovery is expensive and the big corporate companies can be. Really depends on your situation. If you call these guys they have been known to work with people on the price, again depending on the situation. (I'm not just saying that because I work for SERT, but because they are family owned an operated so thy don't have to worry about big corporate policies. I still would be very leery trying the DIY method as these softwares can truly damage your data if it's a mechanical issue.