SAS, Google Named 1st, 2nd Best Companies to Work For

According to CNNMoney, search engine giant Google is the second best company to work for in the world.

When ranking the current top 25 workplaces on the planet, CNNMoney particularly praised Google, who were ranked at number 4 on the list in 2011, for its coaching services. It offers a "CareerGuru" program where 43 senior leaders deliver career coaching to employees. Such gurus are available in 14 offices around the globe.

Since its launch in 2009, more than 900 engineers have partaken in a service known as "EngAdvisors". Google engineers can discuss their issues and concerns with the company's senior engineers.

Google is also known for its competitive salary offered to software engineers -- the company offers an average base salary of $128,336.

Google receives 61 times as many job applications as it has existing jobs. However, its popularity wasn't able to beat off competition from software firm SAS. The company increased its position by one place from second place last year to be named the best company in the world to work for. SAS provides business analytics software, as well as services to corporate and government consumers.

SAS took over the No.1 spot partly due to the accessibility of its leaders. All of the company's employees are invited to a "Conversations Over Coffee," which is breakfast meetings hosted by CEO Jim Goodnight on a monthly basis; employees are able to discuss any topic they wish.

Elsewhere, data storage provider NetApp retained its number 3 spot on the list. The firm regularly hosts orientation meetings in order to introduce new employees to the senior management team.

Microsoft, meanwhile, settled for fifth place, with the software giant helping women interested in working in technology. A DigiGirlz Day event is hosted by the company where female high-school students are able discuss technology with Microsoft employees.


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    i wana wor there 11!!
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    For a second there, I thought serving for the British special forces was one of the best jobs in the world :lol:
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    greghomeFor a second there, I thought serving for the British special forces was one of the best jobs in the world

    Great job, fantastic perk but the 'early retirement program' sucks :-)