Lenovo: Industry is Not in Post-PC Era

Lenovo's chief executive believes the PC is still relevant, but consumers want systems to deliver more than basic functionality.

"We don't live in a post-PC world," Yuanqing Yang told Reuters. "We are entering the PC-plus era." He added that PCs in today's age can't be boxes that come with the same design and is just utilized for computing. He believes that PCs must incorporate extra features.

Yang pointed towards Lenovo's Yoga convertible PC line that allows users to convert their computer into a tablet. During CES, the company announced a Windows 8 Touch Portable Monitor and the Yoga 11S laptop.

Despite Yang's optimism pertaining to the PC market, global tablet shipments are expected to best notebooks during 2013. During the October of 2012, tablet display shipments managed to surpass those of notebooks.


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  • steve360
    Until there is a new form factor that makes the PC redundant in the same way USB flash drives slowly killed off the floppy disk, PCs are here to stay.

    This post-PC era stuff is subtle Apple trash talk. After all, it was Tim Cook who coined the term.
  • virtualban
    Some analysts/companies say PC is dead. Some say it is not.
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • ddg4005
    I agree with his statement. Despite all the doom-and-gloom talk people still buy PCs. A depressed economy and PCs that are powerful enough have most likely caused computer sales to tumble but that doesn't mean it's "all over". I read this morning that Iphone 5 sales are down; does this mean we're entering a "post smartphone era"?

    Hyperbole makes for interesting news headers but necessarliy true ones.
  • Other Comments
  • virtualban
    Some analysts/companies say PC is dead. Some say it is not.
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • diddo
    I had agreed until the launch of Bob 8 Squarepants.
    Then, I understood the industry needs to move away from MS now that its leadership is no longer in a sane state of mind.
    Vista 8 did not unified MS GUIs, it Zunified them.
    And deserves a similar end.
  • virtualban
    p.s. the death of the traditional PC, with big screen and easy I/O devices will only happen if something better comes along.
    Oculus Rift + VR gloves or kinect-like devices. That could be it.
    Tablet and smartphones, no.