Lenovo Announces Windows 8 Touch Portable Monitor

Lenovo announced the company's first Windows 8 touch-optimized portable monitor at CES 2013, the ThinkVision LT1423p Mobile Monitor Touch.

Measured at 13.3 inches, it sports a 1,600x900 resolution AH-IPS Gorilla Glass panel, with a release scheduled for sometime during the second quarter of 2013 for around $449.

The monitor's 10-point multi-touch screen boasts wide viewing angles, in addition to anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint surfaces. It's also compatible with an electro-magnetic stylus and also sports a cover and stand to support both landscape or portrait use.

The ThinkVision LT1423p Mobile Monitor Touch weighs in at 1.6 pound, with its dimensions being 0.3 inch at its thinnest and 0.6 inch at its thickest. The monitor can be utilized wirelessly through Wi-Fi or via USB 3.0.


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  • friikazoid
    I'm starting to get irritated by the word "boasts" in every new tech article, haha
  • g00fysmiley
    very interesting... a wifi monitor with battery and touchscreen would be really cool if the price is right, include a charging tray for use as a regular monitor and then taken to other parts of the hous eand connected via network... as long as the price isn't the same as a table ti cna really see there being a market for this... kudos lenovo
  • TeraMedia
    $449? And it's not a full system, just a monitor and touch interface? Really?