Windows 8 Tablet Shipments to Exceed 75M Units by 2015

Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet shipment figures will exceed 75 million units by 2015, according to a research paper published by DigiTimes.

As opposed to a reaction to Android and iOS' growth, Digitimes’ James Wang and Eric Lin suggests the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 “marks the opening salvo in the battle for users between PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets”.

They also expect the market share of Windows-based tablets to grow from nothing in 2012 to around eight per cent by 2015 with shipments expected to hit the 75 million mark.

Also suggested by the report is that Microsoft is apparently planning a simplified version of Windows Phone 7 that will be priced at around $100.

Windows 8, which has already had some of its apps updated, will be launching on October 26, while Microsoft-developed tablet Surface is due for a simultaneous launch.

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  • Anonymous
    I wonder how much M$ payed to have that Cr$p put on Digitimes.
  • joytech22
    Our company would actually benefit a lot from Windows 8 tablets.
    We run two-monitor setups in our office (Using the tablets would make 3!) and run VM's but sometimes we have to go on-site and take our laptops with us which is inconvenient (Having to try and find a stable platform to put the thing on to type etc..)

    With a tablet you can just cradle it in one arm and type on-screen.
  • nokuchikushi
    @jumping: they had to buy the author an iPad.