Microsoft Launches Office for iPhone

Microsoft has finally announced the availability of Office Mobile for iPhone users. Redmond revealed the news via its Office News blog, explaining that the release of Office Mobile is part of its commitment to delivering regular updates and new capabilities to Office 365 users. As such, the application will be free to those that already subscribe to Microsoft's Office 365 online services suite (Office 365 Home Premium costs $100, or $10 per year).

Using the app, iPhone users will be able to view, edit, share, and create documents straight from their phone. Microsoft's announcement pushes consistency in a big way, harkening back to its recent ad campaign where it slammed Google Docs for messing up formatting for users. The company says support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes will keep formatting and layout intact when iPhone users are viewing, editing, or adding comments. 

While Office Mobile for iPhone is free for Office 365 users, there's no option to purchase the app if you don't subscribe to Office 365. Check out the demo below for a taste of what Office on your iPhone looks like.

Office for Mobile

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  • stevejnb
    About bloody time... Of course, I'm not holding by breath for even half way decent integration with Skydrive and whatnot. Can't get any of that stuff to work together half decently on Android (and yes, I know Android doesn't have proper office, but I still can't get many programs to work together half decently with Skydrive) and I doubt I'll find better here.
  • nbelote
    The real solution to people that have issues with phones without Office and Skydrive integration: buy a Windows Phone.
  • macpeteo
    What about an app for the iPAD, if you have an iPhone, it's very likely that you also have an iPad!