T-Mobile Launches 3G Modem

T-Mobile yesterday announced that the company was rolling out its new webConnect USB Laptop Stick.

It’s basically your average, run of the mill 3G modem. With the ability to conncect to both WiFi and T-Mobile’s own 3G network (and triband EDGE connectivity for the times when you're out of 3G coverage), the Huawei manufactured webConnect USB Laptop Stick comes with T-Mobile Conncection Manager that helps you automatically connect to the best connection available as well as monitor how much data you’re using.

The Laptop Stick also packs a microSD/SDHC expansion slot that accepts up to 8GB cards, doubling as a storage device. T-Mobile is launching the device today for $49.99 on a two-year contract after rebate, $99.99 with one-year contract or $249.99 contract-free. Service plans start at $59.99, which gives you 5GB of wireless data per month. If you go over that limit, you will be charged an overage fee of $0.20 per MB.

So what’s the verdict? Will anybody be signing up for one of these?

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  • Anonymous
    I have the Verizon equivalent and speedwise it is acceptable for what it is. However I had an unlimited download/upload package that is now unavailable and has been replaced by a 5gb limit with $.25 per meg overage costs. I cant even read the daily news at that limit. Greed reigns supreme with these outfits. I will leave them all with nothing from me.
  • CamHart
    No way with the 5gb limit.
  • Soul_keeper
    I just canceled my ATT "unlimited" 3G plan after just over 1yr
    it was about 65 a month, cost me 175 to cancel the 3yr contract

    3G is pretty cool tho, I just didn't travel enough to justify it.