T-Mobile's New iPhone 5 Goes Through FCC Trials

Ever since T-Mobile USA announced its new iPhone 5 with its incredible new pricing strategy, questions have been flying around concerning T-Mobile's business models, competitive pricing, U.S. market share and whether the company's current network infrastructure can support such a bandwidth hungry device. However, now focus is starting to shift to the actual phone, which finally went through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) trials this week.

Not many changes have been made to the iPhone as it is still classified as an iPhone 5. The primary change is the 42Mbps HSPA+ radio that works on AWS frequencies as used by UnCarrier and Canada's Wind. After this, Apple is probably going to be silent on the mobile front for the time being as they focus their efforts on the rumoured to be upcoming next-gen iPhone.

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  • g-unit1111
    500MB on the basic plan? I'd hardly call that a "killer deal".
  • senkasaw
    g-unit1111500MB on the basic plan? I'd hardly call that a "killer deal".

    If 500MB is not enough then get a non-basic plan. (and it is not just 500MB, it is 500MB of high speed...after which they just throttle the connection)
  • slomo4sho
    No overage fees and I have yet to be throttled on my $30 5GB prepaid plan (which appears to be no longer available).

    Lets see if this move will help transition the US in obtaining better quality service at lower prices similar to the rest of the world...