Tim Cook Voted Best CEO, Beats Jobs in Approval Ratings

Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't even been on the job for a year, but already he's snagged the title of 'World's Best CEO.' Based entirely on employee feedback, GlassDoor's list includes current CEOs with at least 100 ratings from their own employees over the past year. Workers are asked just one question during the CEO survey: Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company? And, according to the results, Apple employees are happier with Tim Cook's leadership than they were with Steve Jobs. GlassDoor reports that not only did Tim Cook place at number one on its list of top CEOs, he received a higher approval rating than his predecessor. While Steve Jobs' had a cumulative rating of 97 percent when he stepped down, his March 2010 - 2011 rating was 95 percent. Tim Cook's rating sits 2 percent higher, at 97 percent.

Cook is joined in the top five by Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley at number two (95 percent approval, up 12 percentage points from last year), Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs at number three (95 percent approval and an increase of 7 percentage points over the previous year), American Express CEO Ken Chenault at number four (94 percent approval and an increase of 5 points), and Google CEO Larry Page at number five with 94 percent approval. Larry Page is also newly-appointed, having been CEO of Google for just shy of one year. However, his approval rating is lower than Eric Schmidt. For the period started March 16, 2010 through to March 15, 2011, Schmidt had an approval rating of 96 percent. This 2-point drop represents the only decline in the top five companies.

The only woman to make the list was Meg Whitman, who placed 24th and scored an approval rating of 80 percent. This is up from former CEO Leo Apotheker's rating of 67 percent.

Check out the full list here.

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  • lahawzel
    Tom's Apple News
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  • jellico
    Beating Jobs isn't exactly a sterling benchmark since the vast majority of people who ever worked for him thought he was a a-hole of epic proportions. There are stories of employees who were afraid of being in an elevator with Jobs because, in past situations when he was in a bad mood, it wasn't uncommon for people to find themselves unemployed by the time the elevator reach its destination.

    Jobs wasn't a titan... he was a tyrant.
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  • lahawzel
    Tom's Apple News
    The Authority on Macs
  • aicom
    Tim Cook is the harbinger of a new era for Apple. Let's hope they continue to move technology forward, but put a stop to their little patent troll legal department. For those who think Apple is a closed source patent troll, check out http://opensource.apple.com . Apple has more FOSS than most software companies.
  • TeraMedia
    icolytes unite!

    The Kool-aid is strong with this one.