Ubisoft Lands Tom Hardy for Splinter Cell Movie

Movie adaptations of videogames have always been notoriously bad. In the past, Hollywood's pounced on successful videogame franchises, hoping to make a quick buck or two, without regard to content matter. And with directors with sterling track records like Uwe Boll helming these projects, it's no wonder that these movies are critically panned.

Fortunately, it looks like the industry is fast approaching a new era, where the videogame movie genre will no longer have a bad stigma attached to it.

Ubisoft is one of the publishers spearheading the videogame industry's invasion into the movies. Rather than relinquishing creative control to Hollywood, Ubisoft has wisely retained the movie rights to their franchises and established its own production company, no doubt to prevent the likely-travesty that would come of the intellectual properties had Hollywood been left to its own machinations.

That isn't to say that the publisher is completely writing off Hollywood talent. Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Hardy, star of critically acclaimed films such as Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception, and Eric Warren Singer, screenwriter for The International, are now both attached to the project. Hardy will be starring as Splinter Cell frontman Sam Fisher.

Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet expressed excitement over the announcement, stating, "Tom Hardy is one of the biggest talents in the film industry, and he has a phenomenal ability to take on complex and varied roles with his broad range of acting skills. His involvement in the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell movie is exciting news for movie and video game fans alike.

“In addition, Eric Singer is one of the most talented writers today.  We’re confident he’ll bring a fresh approach and create a thrilling story for the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell movie, while still respecting all the codes and traditions of the franchise that are so important to fans.”

Splinter Cell fans, here's to hoping that Splinter Cell may be the first videogame movie to see the light of day that doesn't end up being an awful mess.


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  • thefiend1
    seems like a good fit.
  • samuelspark
    Please let it be a good movie.
  • acerace
    I only admire him because he potrayed Bane in the latest Batman movies. My favourite quote, "Then you have my permission to die." Awesome!