Torchlight 2 Sells Over 1 Million Copies

This past holiday season, Runic Games has plenty of reason to be in good spirits outside of Christmas cheer. According to its official Twitter, Torchlight 2 has over 1 million copies sold—no small feat considering that the game launched in September. Holiday sales hosted on Steam and its own website, discounting the game to $15 (and $10 for Steam's Daily Sales), no doubt helped the numbers.

The similarities in gameplay between Torchlight and Diablo along with the fact that Runic boasts quite a few team members that were ex-Blizzard North, makes comparisons between the two games inevitable. No doubt Diablo's name carries more weight, causing its sales numbers to be astronomically bigger than Torchlight's, but the LAN multiplayer and lack of offline makes Torchlight II the favored game in the eyes of some dungeon-crawler fans.



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  • AzureFlash
    jhansonxiI know several people who prefer Torchlight 1 over Diablo 3.

    I would prefer being beaten with a baseball bat over Diablo 3.
  • zander1983
    TL2 > D3
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  • Anonymous
    i bought one :O
  • Tuishimi
    I own both Torchlight I & II... I preferred the first game.
  • zander1983
    TL2 > D3