Rumor: New Haswell-powered MacBook Airs at WWDC

While there are plenty of iOS 7 and iPhone 5S rumors when it comes to WWDC, this week brings chatter about another breed of Apple-brand hardware. According to the latest scuttlebutt, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference could see the unveiling of some brand new MacBook Airs.

9to5 Mac cites information provided by a source in reporting that Apple will update its MacBook Air line. The new laptops will pack Intel's brand new Haswell CPUs, which were just announced this week, as well as faster WiFi, and a dual-microphone system.

Though WWDC kicks off on Monday and runs through to June 14, Apple has confirmed that the keynote address will take place on day one (Monday, June 10). The keynote address usually serves as the stage for launching any new products or hardware, and rumors about this year's WWDC have included everything from new Mac desktops, MacBooks, and an iPhone 5S to iRadio, iOS 7 and OS X 10.9. While it's unlikely all of these rumors will come to fruitition, it's shaping up to be a rather big week for Apple.

Tickets for WWDC cost $1,600 and the conference will feature 100 technical sessions from Apple engineers, over 100 hands-on labs (with more than 1,000 to provide assistance), the latest on OS X and iOS developments, lunchtime sessions, and the Apple Design Awards. Stay tuned and we'll bring you the latest as it happens!

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  • ingtar33
    not a surprise. the iris pro has no market outside of apple, it was only a matter of time before you saw haswell in every type of mac out there... iris pro or no.
  • Cryio
    Rumor? I think new hardware announcement is obvious, given Intel new CPUs
  • Spooderman
    $1600 to go?!?!? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't even pay $16 to go to that.