Xbox One Will Not Be Backwards Compatible with Xbox 360

Though the Xbox One is here, it might be a wise move to hang onto your 360 if you plan on playing any of your old games. Microsoft's Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten recently confirmed to The Verge that the One will not be backwards compatible with the 360. "The system is based on a different core architecture, so back-compat doesn't really work from that perspective," he stated.

Yes, this goes for Xbox games on disc and current XBLA titles. Since the Xbox One will be packing an x86 CPU, it'll be wholly incompatible with the games designed for the Xbox 360, which packs a Xenon processor. Though Sony's PS4 will also face the same issues as the PS3, Sony will be bringing PS3 games to the PS4 from the cloud. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Microsoft will do the same thing. "When we specifically asked Whitten whether the company had any streaming option or download option for existing Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One," wrote The Verge's Sean Hollister, "he confirmed that there was no such thing in the works at Microsoft."

So it might not be the best idea to get rid of the old and replace it with the new...

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  • Wouldn't this go without saying due to the platform change.
  • Gets better and better every day. Aiming for 1080p gaming in an era of 2560 x 1600 and 5760 x 1200 PC standards, soon looking to 4k tvs.
    No backwards compatibility. High price.
    Maybe more people will wake up, stop getting pissed on by these consoles and get a proper PC. ffs.
  • djice said:
    Everyone seems upset about no backward compatibility, but we never had that with the Nintendo->SuperNES->Nintendo 64->Gamecube. So stop whining and realize if you want a new system then it needs to be different enough to be an upgrade. The other alternative is to go into the PC gaming world and upgrade every couple years vs 5-7 years and still have no backward compatibility. Games from 10 years ago will not play on a new PC correctly so why would games from a 7 year old console work on a new model.

    I can play EVERY SINGLE PC GAME I've ever owned from 15 years back (warcraft 2, diablo, starcraft, age of empires) on Windows 8. Another game that haven't worked on XP, Vista nor 7 called Hexplore also miraculously works on 8. I can also play any 16-bit DOS games using DOSBox and last but not least, all the console games that have the emulators/roms released.

    Your argument is invalid.

    -PC master race
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  • who cares. 360 sucked anyway.
  • Wouldn't this go without saying due to the platform change.
  • I guess that's what happens when you drastically change architecture - kinda surprised they didn't try to build in some emulation since they're doing a little virtualization between the 3 different OS' that run on that thing but that's just me.
    Oh well - specs seem promising, but want to see it in action before I shell out the $499 I am guessing it is going to cost.