Tom's Guide: Android Performance Tips & Apps

The great thing about smartphones is that they can do so many different things. Gone are the days when your phone just made phone calls. These days, your cell phone is your camera, your email, your photo album, your gaming device, your media player and so much more. However, with all this functionality and so many different apps running this feature or that widget, your phone can get slow or die within a few hours. Check out 'Android Performance Tips & Tricks' for tips to get the most out of your Android phone.

Android is a wonderful platform because it encourages users and programmers to experiment with various apps, programs, and tweaks to make devices running the OS to perform even better. Change your keyboard, select the web browser of your choice, or even root your device guilt-free! There's always something else you can do to tweak your system to your liking, extend your battery life, and improve your performance. Here are a few suggestions, ranging from simple usage tips to full on optimization apps, to get more juice out of your battery and more performance out of your machine.

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  • willard
    Disappointed. Just a bunch of apps that do things you can do yourself with minimal effort, most of them redundant.

    I was expecting things like undervolting and overclocking. You know, things that actually improve your battery life and performance. Clearing apps out of memory does little for your phone's performance and makes apps start up slower.
  • kawininjazx
    Tip #1: Buy a fast phone with ICS or JB.

    As much as I love Android, it's a different experience depending on what you use. Compare a cheap phone with 2.2 Froyo and 256mb of RAM to a older premium phone like a Droid X 512mb running 2.3 GB then compare that to a Galaxy S3 with 4.0 ICS and 2GB of RAM. There is no comparing to each other. I have to say it wasn't until ICS came out that I thought that Android was finally "comparable" to iOS as far as performance and reliability. The only good news is that you can actually download new apps on your old phone whereas once an iPhone loses support your apps won't update.
  • willard
    kawininjazxI have to say it wasn't until ICS came out that I thought that Android was finally "comparable" to iOS as far as performance and reliability.

    Actually, with half an afternoon of work most phones are just as smooth as the GS3.

    Step 1. Root your phone.
    Step 2. Install a custom ROM and kernel that allows overclocking and undervolting.
    Step 3. Set a profile to downclock the CPU while idle and overclock it while in use.
    Step 4. Enjoy your blazing fast Android phone with doubled battery life.