Rumors Heat Up About Apple Netbook

Yesterday the new rumors about Apple’s supposed touchscreen netbook were the talk of the town.

Reports that Taiwanese company, Wintek, would be supplying touchscreen panels to Quanta computer (who would be responsible for manufacturing the Cupertino company’s newest laptop), hit the wire early yesterday morning and people have been speculating ever since with little tidbits are trickling through from supposed Apple sources.

Citing people “close to the situation” CNN says two sources told Dow Jones Newswires that, while the specifications and functions are still being evaluated, Apple is indeed working with Taiwan's Wintek and Quanta Computer. The two also revealed that these netbooks are likely to be between 9.7-inch and 10-inch models.

Yesterday’s report was something an awful lot of people took with a grain of salt. Sure it might be credible information, but it could just as easily be a lot of hot air over nothing. With Dow Jones jumping on the bandwagon it’s definitely going to kick the rumor mill into gear.

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  • bourgeoisdude
    LOL @ title.

    ...perhaps you meant "rumors heat[/] up about Apple netbook..."?
  • Tedders
    bourgeoisdudeLOL @ title....perhaps you meant "rumors heat[/] up about Apple netbook..."?

    Lets hope so...
  • Shnur
    So they finally decide to get in that business...?
    Doing something between an iPhone and a MacBook. I just hope it's not going to be the same interface as the iPhone...