A Complete Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry 10 OS

At the BlackBerry 10 Experience today, the focus was squarely on the software developed by QNX. While there was still considerable attention thrown at the launch of the Z10 and Q10 hardware, the BlackBerry company formerly known as RIM chose to spend the majority of its time showing off the virtues of its operating system.

We were fortunate enough to get a full walkthrough demo of all the features of BlackBerry 10 given by Arun Kumar, senior product manager of multimedia. Check it out below:

BlackBerry 10 BB10 OS Software

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  • lradunovic77
    This thing owns iOS, Droid let alone Windows 8
  • sacre
    smooth? yes. i'm happy.

    This looks awesome. I really hope people take a liking to it. Thankfully this one won't need some form of antivirus like the virus ridden android. I mean really, antivirus on a phone? This is where iOS and Blackberry shine.
  • klarkmdb
    The Blackberry really does have an inclination to being used as a professional tool, and for personal too. (tho i've never owned one... yet).