British Telecom Pulling Plug On Dial-up on September 1

While dial-up is a thing of the past for many of us, not everyone's dial-up days are in the past. Still, that's not stopping British Telecom in its plans to pull the plug on dial-up in just a couple of weeks' time. The company is cutting off its dial-up service on September 1.

The Telegraph reports that BT has reached out to its customers still on 'narrowband' connections to warn them that their service will end come September 1. British Telecom has offered to switch these customers to broadband where broadband service is available. For those that live in areas where broadband is still inaccessible, they'll have to switch to the BT-owned (but independently operated) PlusNet. Unfortunately, BT won't be helping customers to make that switch, and will instead be leaving them to contact PlusNet themselves. 

BT says only 1,000 of its customers will find themselves needing to get in touch with PlusNet because where they live is not rigged for broadband. For others, the company says its cheapest broadband package is actually cheaper than dial-up (£10 per month as opposed to £17.25 per month).

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  • knightmike
    What's dial-up?
  • Chetou
    You wouldn't know, there's no Facebook status of it.
  • house70
    Just because there are only 1000 customers using dialup, BT should have done the right thing in helping them make the switch. BT would have looked like it cares about it's customers (I would go on a limb here and say old faithful customers, too, since they're still on dialup), instead of saying "we'll cut that off you're on your own, we don't give a damn because it's not profitable for us to maintain it anymore".