C-Guys to announce performance SD cards for real time data transfer

C-guys will introduce on Tuesday SD memory cards capable of data-read speeds of 20 MByte per second. The cards will be available in storage capacities of 1 GByte and 512 MByte and are designed to increase data transfer speeds for devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones and other portable electronics devices.

Sandisk introduced a similar speedy storage card last September. The firm's Extreme SD Card line offers a "minimum" sequential write speed of nine MByte per second and a minimum sequential read speed of ten MByte per second.

C-guys did not mention a minimum perfromance of its cards but claims that it is offering the "first" 20 MByte per second cards in the US.

The company is also releasing the SD-USBean, a high-speed reader/writer adapters available on the market. Together, the solutions offer faster transfer of media from a mobile device to a processing device such as a printer or PC, C-guys said.

The SD memory cards will be available in December for a suggested retail price of $200 for the 1 GByte version and $100 for the 512 MByte model. The SD-USBean will also be available in December for $25. (THG)

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