Chrome OS Web Store is Now Open and Ready

App Stores are the new big thing. Everyone has to have one, but there can't be an infinite number of platforms.

The iTunes App Store has the huge strength of the iOS devices behind it, and not far behind is the Android Marketplace with the all the Android phones sourcing from it. RIM has its own ready for its next-generation PlayBook and BlackBerry phones, and HP/Palm still has some hopes left in the one for WebOS.

Google's new big splash is now in the Chrome OS space, which is an operating system that exists in the browser and draws from the cloud. Of course, a platform is only as good as the software, and Google today launched the Chrome Web Store.

It's important to note that all current Chrome users can download and run the apps, even without a Chrome OS notebook.

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Check out the videos below to see what Google has planned for its second apps store.

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  • beans4you
  • amk09
    I love me some google chrome.
  • Benihana
    I just wish they installed their google chrome browser into program files. That's the one thing that keeps me away; refusing to obey current programming practices.