You Should Probably Wait Before Buying the Lenovo Miix 2

Lenovo's Miix 2 was only announced at CES, but it's already available for purchase on the company's website. Lenovo originally intended to launch the 10-inch version of the Miix 2 in March and the 11-inch model a month later, in April. However, the Miix 2 10 hit Lenovo's website earlier this week and was available to buy right away. The only problem was that it was $200 more expensive than Lenovo said it would be.


We got in touch with Lenovo to try to figure out what happened. How is it that a product can go from $499 to $699 in the space of a few weeks? The good news is that the Miix 2 isn't actually going to cost $200 more than Lenovo originally said. A representative for Lenovo told us via email today that the Miix 2 "will be priced at $499 in Retail" and that the Miix 2 11 will start at $699 when it does become available. The rep said the final price on would be adjusted on Thursday.

That still leaves us with a couple of questions, especially since the pricing for the Miix 2 10 on is now different from what it was yesterday, but still isn't the $499 Lenovo has promised (twice now). At time of writing, Lenovo's site had the Miix 2 starting at $599, with a bump in storage capacity jacking the price up to $699. We also still don't know when the Miix 2 11 will launch, though that isn't scheduled to arrive until April.

We're still waiting for a response from Lenovo on the above, but you should probably hold off on your Miix 2 10 purchase until things get straightened out. We will update this article once everything becomes clear.

UPDATE: Lenovo has updated the pricing for the Miix 2 10 yet again. The site now says the convertible tablet starts at $599 but drops to $499 after the application of an e-coupon (code: MIIX10DEAL). Despite touting a base-price of $499 when it announced the Miix 2 10 at CES, Lenovo's website now boasts that users will 'save' $100 with this coupon.

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  • n240sxle91
    The Miix 2 10 with 64 GB storage is now $499, and the 128 GB is now $599 with the current $100 off coupon.
  • JMcEntegart
    The Miix 2 10 with 64 GB storage is now $499, and the 128 GB is now $599 with the current $100 off coupon.
    Yep, that's talked about in the update at the bottom of this post! :)
  • teh_chem
    Sounds to me like Lenovo wanted to generate buzz at CES by quoting such a low price, and then disingenuously decided to up the price once people were excited over it. And then, once people caught on, had to release a promotional coupon code to appease the tech community, yet not actually look like they were back-pedaling on what was said.