Real Life Modern Warfare 2: Gamer vs. Soldier

The Gadget Show on UK TV station Five has done something very cool. Anyone who has played Modern Warfare 2 should be familiar with 'The Pit' training level that starts players off with a grading of their skill.

Now that very same Pit level with its two-dimensional targets has been re-created in real life.

One of the Gadget Show's hosts, Jason Bradbury, wrote on his blog, "It took over a week to build, to the level’s exact specifications. Better still, with me on my Xbox 360 version of the game, I challenged an actual Special Forces Soldier to a race from the start of the level to the end, taking down targets (and avoiding civies!)"

Check out the video clip of the gamer vs. soldier showdown.

Real Life Modern Warfare 2 The Pit

As for what the U.S. Army thinks of gamers vs. soldiers...

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  • The SAS guy handled the course as if it was the real life situation. Taking down the targets so not to put himself in danger. The way any soldier would be trained. Of course someone that is used to playing a game can just run in there guns blazing. I'm not surprised at all about the outcome.

    If that was a real life scenario the gamer would of been dead, and that soldier would still be alive to fight another day.
  • how pathetic to actually be glad u beat a real life training exercise with a video game .... OH NO FINGER CRAMP....
  • If those were real enemy soldiers, the SAS guy would have survived by being cautious, whereas the gamer would have been shot to pieces while running around in the open.
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  • Cool. I won't spoil the fun and say who won... but me think you can guess.
  • Does it have real life dedicated servers?

    Oh right.....
  • That guy blows on COD.