Nvidia CEO: Fermi to Hit the ''Full Stride'' in Q2

Nvidia is gearing up to release its DirectX 11 GPU part on the world sometime during the company's present financial quarter, which started on January 31 and ends April 30, but mass availability of the product won't arrive until sometime in the next quarter.

As quoted by X-bit labs, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said during a recent conference call that Fermi will spread through the line in the second quarter, spanning the time between May and July.

"Q2 [of FY 2011] is going to be the quarter when Fermi is hitting the full stride. It will not just be one Fermi product, there will be a couple of Fermi products to span many different price ranges, but also the Fermi products will span GeForce, Quadro and Tesla," Huang said. "So, we are going to be ramping now on Fermi architecture products through Q2 and we are building a lot of it."

As for when the transition would fully happen from current-gen parts to the new ones, Huang responded, "All of that just depends on 40 nm supply and we are trying to finesse it the best we possibly can. For the entry-level products, the truth is that the new architectures […] are probably not extremely well appreciated anyhow. […] Our current-generation GPUs are fabulous and all the things that mainstream consumers would use their computer for."

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  • neblogai
    Bad thing: there is no competition in DX11 market, and prices of ATi hardware do not go down.
    Good thing: My HD4850 still rules, and a comparable (by speed) HD5750 costs the same as 4850 cost me a year ago.
    Fermi? Not interested in it itself, but I would welcome it - I want to see some competition.
  • sanchz
    ATI will be releasing the 6000 series by the end of this year, so nVidia is really in bad shape right now.
  • Anonymous
    According to Charlie Demerjian, Fermi is "Unfixable."

  • Other Comments
  • jlyu
    well good news about that it will be quadro and tesla as i'll want those later on for my workstation, but i also want the geforce for gaming...nothing will be purchased until they are compared with ati 5000series and when the release their new workstation card hopefully
  • nforce4max
    The 40nm process has turned out be one of the worst headaches for nvidia while constant supply problems for the 58x0 as well the 5970 continue. It is a shame that they had to give up the side port feature on the R870 to keep the die size down.
  • kelfen
    price/performance can't wait to find out