Nvidia Announces GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti Graphics Cards

Nvidia has launched two new graphics cards: the GTX 750 and the GTX 750 Ti. These cards are the first graphics cards based on Nvidia's new Maxwell architecture.

The GTX 750 carries a total of 512 CUDA cores, as well as 32 TMUs along with 16 ROPs. The GPU's base frequency sits at 1020 MHz, while it can boost around 1085 MHz. Memory is clocked in at 5.0 GHz, and counts 1 GB running over a 128-bit wide memory interface. It features a TDP of 55 W.

The GTX 750 Ti is a little more powerful and carries 640 CUDA cores, 40 TMUs, and the same 16 ROPs. The GPU frequencies are the same as the GTX 750, though the 2 GB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at an effective speed of 5.4 GHz. The card has a TDP of 60 W.

Neither one of the graphics card's reference solutions carry additional PCIe power connectors and take all their juice from the system's PCIe slot.

The GTX 750 and the GTX 750 Ti are intended to be positioned between the GTX 660 and the GTX 650, replacing the GTX 650 Ti.

Nvidia has given the GTX 750 an MSRP price of $120, while the GTX 750 Ti should cost about $150.

Read all about the GTX 750 Ti in our review.

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  • cooltofool
    Perfect for throwing into a hp oem machine
  • Morbus
    Wow, those are some nice cards for the price, considering you'll end up saving a lot more if you game... I don't think they'll be too close to the 760's performance... If they are, and considering the 760 has a 170W TDP, boy, will the 8 series be awesome!
  • rapman4488
    This is on the 28nm process. Now imagine this architecture with the 20nm process considering the amazing jump from 40nm to 28nm with Fermi to Kepler. The Maxwell 800 series is going to be AMAZING!