Sony Issues Invites Hinting at 'Slimmest' Product Launch

Back in the fall, Sony announced a new version of the PS Vita. This new, lightweight PSP charges via MicroUSB and is basically a revision of the PS Vita design. It’s a full 20 percent thinner and cheaper to boot. Unfortunately, when Sony unveiled the device, it was for a a Japan-only release and the company had little in the way of information about an international launch.


Fast forward a few months to the new year, and it looks like we may see this new PS Vita after all. Several news outlets have received an invitation to a breakfast briefing next Thursday, January 30. Featuring the tag line ‘Play on…’ the invite reads:

“Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest.”

While it’s possible Sony is prepping a PS4 Slim, it’s unlikely. The PS3 Slim didn’t debut until the regular PS3 had been on the market for three years. Three years after the Slim hit the market, Sony gave us the Super Slim. It’s doubtful Sony is thinking PS4 Slim already. So, the general consensus is that Sony is finally prepping for the launch of the PS Vita Slim, also known as the PCH-2000, outside of Japan. The invites were sent to both U.S. and European media (including media in the UK), so it could be a pretty big launch.

We’ll keep you posted.

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    cell phone
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    Is this for their Vita TV?
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    I read it as slimiest product ever