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Texas Plans Ban of Vista From Government PCs

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 67 comments

Earlier this week, the Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval to a policy that would forbid the installation of Windows Vista on government computers.

Everyone, including Microsoft, knows that Windows Vista isn’t the most appreciated of operating systems. Large businesses have chosen to stick with Windows XP for support issues, and some consumers shy away from Windows Vista based on performance and other things they have heard.

Even though Windows 7 is nearly upon us, the Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval to a budget that would include a policy to ban the use of Windows Vista on government computers.

ComputerWorld reports that Sen. Juan Hinojosa proposed the bill because "of the many reports of problems with Vista."

"We are not in any way, shape or form trying to pick on Microsoft, but the problems with this particular [operating] system are known nationwide," Hinojosa said. "And the XP operating system is working very well."

While the bill also outlines that agencies who have a use for Windows Vista would have to first get the written approval of the Legislative Budget Board.

Microsoft was predictably disappointed by the proposal. "We're surprised that the Texas Senate Finance Committee adopted a rider which, in effect, singles out a specific corporation and product for unequal treatment,” a spokeswoman wrote. “We hope as the budget continues to go through the process, this language will be removed."

Texas Department of Information Resources spokesman David Duncan said that the department’s 265 employees remain on Windows XP and Mac OS X, and might skip straight to Windows 7 at the next upgrade. "We're not holding off as a reaction to what Microsoft is producing," he said, adding that Windows 7 also fits better with the agency’s upgrade cycle.

This still another black mark on Windows Vista, but fortunately for Microsoft, Windows 7 is the next big thing.

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    thedipper , April 4, 2009 1:21 AM
    Many reports of problems... makes me wonder if they're talking about the number of problems found in general, or problems THEY had.

    I'm thinking they could save money by hiring new IT.
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    zedx , April 4, 2009 1:33 AM
    I thought they were going to use linux :( 
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    sot010174 , April 4, 2009 1:37 AM
    yeah, Im no big fan of Linux, but I do recognize that they work well on server platforms.

    Indeed I´m using Vista64 for about 6 months and nothing has gone wrong till now. I´m pretty confident that they're trying to use outdated programs which doesn't work well with the new vista structure.
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    Hatecrime69 , April 4, 2009 1:51 AM
    While I recognize the troubles a new os can bring to IT (just a huge pain in the butt for something that ultimately doesn't make a difference compared to xp for most common needs) it's probably going a bit far to make a rule banning the os
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    Coilz , April 4, 2009 2:27 AM
    What the hell ever happened to not choosing Vista? Is it that hard to ghost government machines or ? Seems like a very weird area to create laws about especially when they have an better product from exactly the same company. If anything they should come out saying that they aren't gonna use Vista because its an inferior product.
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    jsloan , April 4, 2009 2:30 AM
    go texas!
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    totheshed , April 4, 2009 2:51 AM
    Well this is going to help people choose Windows or OS X. I wish they could just have good IT's because vista is fine. OS X is a piece of sht. I would never revert to switching to OS X
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    mrmez , April 4, 2009 3:16 AM
    Next "Im a PC" advert?
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    brother shrike , April 4, 2009 3:25 AM
    That is freaking ridiculous. I love how people knock Vista without even trying it. Sure, it isn't the greatest OS ever, but it isn't that bad at all. It's much more secure than XP or OSX, even without the UAC (which is really annoying, but not incredibly so). read the recent Tom's interview with the pwn2own guy.

    And compare the Newegg reviews of vista to the general public's.
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    mikeynavy1976 , April 4, 2009 3:37 AM
    I agree with those that aren't "haters" of Vista simply due to rumors and biased media. I've used Vista since it was a beta. I have had a lot fewer problems with it than I had with XP. I run Ultimate x64 and really like it. While waiting until Windows 7 only seems logical due to the timeline until release, if Texas is using old programs that dont run well on Vista, will they run any better on 7?
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    keither5150 , April 4, 2009 3:58 AM
    This is funny.

    "Texas Department of Information Resources spokesman David Duncan said that the department’s 265 employees remain on Windows XP and Mac OS X, and might skip straight to Windows 7 at the next upgrade. "

    Once again people bashing Vista without trying it. I run the IT dept. at our company and all new machines have Vista business. We are slowly replacing the slower macs with Vista machines. Our last IT guy had the whole company on Macs. I have zero problems (other than dumb user error) with running 16 macs along with 13 Vista PC's. Vista is more secure.

    Is April fools over?

    LOL at whoever made this decision.
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    Anonymous , April 4, 2009 4:06 AM
    hmmm, I have Vista on my 64-bit desktop and 32-bit laptop. Frankly, I have nothing to complain about. WTF? So, what's wrong with Vista, again? I didn't get the memo.
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    michaelahess , April 4, 2009 4:24 AM
    Vista out of the box is like OS X, pretty and it works fine. Once you start customizing it (sorry macs) with new hardware and software, that's when the problems start. I've been running Vista Enterprise 64-bit on three machines exclusively since the RTM came out, I've had to reinstall two of the once, not bad considering how much crap I play around with, uh, I mean test....

    And it works great for gaming, almost no difference to XP once you slim it down to only what you need.

    Will I ever install it at my company? Oh hell no! Users are dumb enough as it is with computers, Vista just makes them more agrevated after using XP for 8 years.

    Server 2k8? That's another story, best bit of software to come out of microsoft to date, all but two of my servers (file and backup) are under 1GB of storage! VM's of course on VMware ESX. Core install all the way!!!!!
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    kyeana , April 4, 2009 4:54 AM
    Epic fail!
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    m3kt3k , April 4, 2009 4:55 AM
    I have a feeling the ban may be a nice shot at the IT guys to not even ask. Running mixed networks is a pain. Cost is another. If they already have XP why change. Even if MS gave it to them at say 75$ thats 75$ by what a million computers?
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    keither5150 , April 4, 2009 5:04 AM
    That's not the point. The point is that they are banning vista. So if anyone needs a new machine,they have to unistall vista and buy a copy of Xp. Or worse.... spend even more money on a Mac.

    Running mixed systems is not a big deal for an average IT guy.
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    kyeana , April 4, 2009 5:04 AM
    ^i doubt they would upgrade all of their computer, it would be more of a case by case scenario. This bill would just remove that option.
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    keither5150 , April 4, 2009 5:48 AM
    If you read the article a little more closely, it is just one senator proposing the bill.

    It will never pass..... MS would probably sue the Texas Gov back to the stone age.

    What a dumbass.

    He would have more luck banning ugly people from working in gov.

    Seems that someone already banned smart people.
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    Anonymous , April 4, 2009 5:50 AM
    I really hope that there was at least one texas legislator that stood up in their debates and asked "is there anyone here that has actually USED Vista that has a problem with it"?

    For the people who live in Texas: Your tax dollars at work. Sure, the state may have problems with illegal border crossings, budgetary issues, potentially crippling water shortages... but this Vista thing. THIS is something that needs attention!
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