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Sega Talks on Total War MMO, 3D

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 13 comments

Sega is considering both 3D and a Total War MMO.

Mike Hayes of Sega West recently spoke with CVG about the company's new strategy for hardcore and casual games, Sony's PlayStation Move, what's coming to E3 2010, and the future of the Total War strategy series.

Hayes admitted that many people have asked if the company has considered taking the Total War franchise into MMO territory, however he would not confirm that Sega is indeed heading in that direction.

"We're constantly looking at [taking Total War in that direction], but MMO is a very competitive market," he said. "We want to get the core games right before anything else." He also added that MMOs are "feast or famine" with publishers, noting the somewhat-profitable Football Manager Live which has a 35,000-user fanbase.

The core games Hayes refers to is Aliens vs. Predator, Aplpha Protocol, and Bayonetta. He said that Sega is hoping to extend those games into full-blown franchises, to "sequal-ize" these particular titles. With that said, a Total War MMO may be a ways off... if at all.

Hayes also offered his take on 3D gaming, emphasizing that it's important to provide the real enhanced experience rather than throw in the technology "for technology's sake." His comment echos James Cameron and Codemasters Studios VP Gavin Cheshire who both insist that 3D projects are to be constructed from the beginning, and not tacked on in later stages.

"The first few games to prove we can play in three dimensions will be amazing," he said. "But eventually it will go back to what the story is, what the emotional connection is. It will just become: 'Oh, it's 3D again...' For us, we're still some way off 3D games until we can make one that's commercially viable."

How about a first-person 3D Sonic title?

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    karenskym , March 20, 2010 12:24 AM
    How would total war work as an MMO?
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    manitoublack , March 20, 2010 12:46 AM
    SEGA did 3D on the master system 20+ years ago. Shutter glasses on a stock standard CRT TV. And after 20 years it's still a maybe?
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    mattfoo2324 , March 20, 2010 1:06 AM
    I would love a Total War MMO (having played Medieval 1, Rome, Medieval 2, and Empire, and the expansions). I just have trouble believing it could be do-able, especially considering you need a beast to run the gamse on single player, let alone multiplayer. Creative Assembly needs to focus on making less buggy TW games, not MMOs.
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    Bluescreendeath , March 20, 2010 2:00 AM
    True that. The Total War games have been declining in quality IMO...

    Btw, for the lovers of Rome:TW, Europa Barbarorum is the greatest mod ever created for RTW, possible the greatest RTS mod ever created.
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    EXT64 , March 20, 2010 3:21 AM
    Which is why the most exciting thing for me coming up in Total War is EBII on the Medieval II engine. And as to an MMO, NO! Quality is declining because they are trying to do too complex of things. Go back to the basics (melee) like a Rome II or Shogun II PLEASE.
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    aethm , March 20, 2010 11:24 AM
    I would love to see a total war MMO. Although I'm not sure how it would work? Each player commanding their own army or unit? Or each unit working together as individual players.
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    xantek24 , March 20, 2010 3:05 PM
    GASP! just imagine a WW2 Total War MMO!!
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    Horhe , March 20, 2010 3:12 PM
    EXT64Which is why the most exciting thing for me coming up in Total War is EBII on the Medieval II engine. And as to an MMO, NO! Quality is declining because they are trying to do too complex of things. Go back to the basics (melee) like a Rome II or Shogun II PLEASE.

    No, quality is declining because they rush games out, instead of releasing them when they are finished.

    And no, Europa Barbarorum isn't the best mod because it's so painfully slow. You hit end turn and then you have time to drink some beers until you can play again.

    On topic: They barely made campaign map multiplayer, and now they think of MMO? I don't see this happening.
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    fumanchu , March 20, 2010 4:57 PM
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    fumanchu , March 20, 2010 4:58 PM
    Opps, was meaning to say I enjoyed both MTW and MTW 2 and play both actively in my downtime. Good game series and would be interesting to see how it panned out if they took it towards the MMO direction.
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    Von Death , March 21, 2010 2:18 AM
    Thousands of soldiers charge towards each other; smoke billows across the battlefield while cannon shears huge gaps into the oncoming forces. A line of French sharpshooters is trampled into oblivion by light English cavalry. "Plus 10 XP" the game announces. A chat window pops up. "You like much CHEAP GOLD? CHEAP AND FAST GOLD for you." In the other corner another chat window emerges. "Dude yur a noob stop wallhacking with yur OP Eng. light Cav! I'm submitting a report of yur exploit to the devs and yur getting so banned."

    Total War MMO? Can't wait.
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    OldDirtyGamer , March 22, 2010 12:45 PM
    My vote on this is that SEGA needs to play the wait and see card. Either with taking Total War into the MMO territory (because until Empire, most of the install base hadn't been all that internet or micro-transaction savvy) or going the 3D route with any of their titles / franchises. Let's get the games right first is the best move they can make.

    With Total War, I'd like to see more of a community toolkit come first with Facebook implementation, a more consolidated forum that's not spread between third and first party sites, etc. Once that's been established and the game franchises are all linked again, moving into an MMO environment would be easier and far more viable.

    As for going into 3D territory, until SEGA is solid on making quality games (and this year's line has been very solid and fun so far) consistently, it's not something they should try investing money in. Hopefully, to that end, they'll follow their own advise...
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    bad_code , March 22, 2010 6:29 PM
    Another console game.