Tt eSports Refreshes Level 10 M Mouse (Again)

Thermaltake's eSports division, Tt eSports, revealed another update to the Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Tt eSports has released several updates to the Level 10 M since its debut. We called the original Level 10 M a "BMW for your hands" in 2012, and in 2014, we covered the product's shift to hybrid wired and wireless connectivity. Now the Level 10 M has been updated again, this time with a maximum 16,000 DPI and new RGB lighting. (It's 2017—by law, every other product announcement has to involve RGB lighting in some way.)

The new Level 10 M features two-zone RGB lighting capable of producing 16.8 million colors. Like many other RGB-capable products, the new Level 10 M can shine with steady illumination, pulse, or cycle through a spectrum of colors. This model appears to be otherwise identical to its predecessors—it has the same Omron switches, Avago 9800 laser engine, "aerodynamic honeycomb design," and 128KB of internal memory.

Tt eSports also stuck with the 5.8GHz wireless band, likely because the 2.4GHz band is more popular and thus prone to interference. The last thing you want an eSports-targeted mouse to do is freeze up in a crucial moment. That's likely why Thermaltake continues to offer both wired and wireless connectivity; casual gamers can use the mouse wirelessly, and professionals can use the wired mode to minimize potential issues.

Thermaltake said the new Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse will retail at $90, but the company didn't say when the product will debut. (It doesn't appear to be available at Amazon or Newegg yet.) You can learn more about the mouse on the Tt eSports website.

Tt eSports Level 10 M Hybrid Advanced Wired / Wireless Gaming Mouse
Avago 9800
Default: 800, 1,600, 3,200, 5,000

Maximum: 16,000
Polling Rate
125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, or 1,000Hz
Number of Buttons
Button Manufacturer
USB Cable Length
130.75 x 87.35 x 40.53mm
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