Tt eSPORTS Intros New, Improved Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse

Thermaltake's Tt eSPORTS subsidiary brand introduced this week the latest peripheral in its Level 10 M series, the Level 10 M Hybrid mouse. Co-designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the peripheral follows a line of devices that began appearing in 2008 including the very first Level 10 mouse and the 10 M headset.

This new gaming mouse features an aluminum base to give the mouse a "solid" feel while also maintaining a good weight. The device also features legacy 3D-steering axis movement, allowing users to adjust the height and angle at which the back cover comes into contact with their hand. The design also has an air-through ventilation system to keep those hot gaming hands cool.

The biggest update with this mouse when compared to the older model is that it's both a wired and wireless, using 5.8G technology. Thermaltake explains that 5.8G was chosen over 2.4G because the latter is commonly used in products and is prone to interference on those signal bands. There will be less interference when using 5.8G instead.

The new mouse improves over the older model by featuring "considerably" more heft in the grip on the right side of the mouse. The device also sports leaner angles at the back as it curtails inwards. The mouse not only has "aggressive" styling, but feels more natural in the hand at the same time, according to the company.

The Level 10 M Hybrid wired & wireless mode laser gaming mouse will start rolling out worldwide in the end of January for $99.99 USD.

For a look at the feel and ergonomics of the older model, read our Level 10 M Mouse review here.

  • Lutfij
    A little bulky and protrusion on the front end is kinda silly looking but the idea of expanding upon their Level 10 mouse is a good move nontheless. I wonder when their rumored Level 10 BMW designed keyboard comes out?
  • lp231
    Logitech G700 is also both a wired and wireless mouse. The updated version is the G700s it has a higher sensor (5,700 dpi on the G700 and 8,200 dpi on the G700s)
  • yay
    And now i need to buy the upgraded one. Not because its wireless, i don't care, i just want the pinky rest.