Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review: A BMW For Your Hands

Take a piece of metal, a few creative ideas about peripherals, and high-end technology. Combine them all with a great design and you get the Tt eSports Level 10 M mouse. Read on to see if this recipe worked out the way that Thermaltake envisioned.

BMW’s design team continues to branch out. Apart from their usual cars, they’ve designed yachts and PC cases. Now, the company steps into the peripheral segment with the Tt eSports Level 10 M mouse.

Thermaltake and the BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA collaborated to create the Level 10 product range. The Level 10 cases, for instance, impress with aesthetics that simply haven't been done before. Some love them and others hate them, but nobody can dispute the line-up's uniqueness.

Today, the Tt eSports Level 10 M starts exactly where Thermaltake and DesignworksUSA left off, with a unique design and some good ideas. We're taking the new mouse through its paces.

Thermaltake’s marketing department makes a lot of promises about this thing, and we're anxious to see if the Level 10 M can keep them. We're paying special attention to the materials, features, and a surface that's supposed to help keep your hand cool. Perhaps more important, do all of these luxuries of a $100 mouse hold up to everyday use?

Unboxing The Level 10 M

The Tt eSports Level 10 M’s box isn't a plastic-laden affair, which we appreciate. However, we do have a couple of minor gripes about the packaging that we'd like to point out.

Once you remove the outer wraparound sleeve, you find two cardboard flaps held together by a sticker. The sticker does its job well, which is to say it’s really, really sticky. It also lacks a tab to remove it by hand. "Who cares? Grab a box cutter," right? Just be careful. The mouse is directly underneath the sticker, and it isn't protected in any way. Cut a few millimeters deep and you’ll damage the top of your brand-new mouse without ever even having seen it.

Once you rip off the sticker, you get a good look at the mouse. Take it and the cardboard it’s mounted in out of the box to reveal all the bundled accessories.

Thermaltake doesn't skimp on the extras. The mouse includes a driver CD, a six-point screwdriver for making adjustments, and a small stylish bag for transporting it. Curiously, there are also some ads for the mouse colors that you didn’t buy.

Once everything is unpacked, you'll have one last step to complete. There’s a sticker on the bottom of the mouse that’s supposed to protect the sensor. Its top is made out of thin paper that easily rips off the sticky part, which, in turn, stays on the mouse. Once again, it’s not a good idea to use a sharp object to remove the sticker; we kept at it with fingernails and a lot of patience.

Overall, our first impressions of Tt eSports Level 10 M mouse are very positive, even though its stickers need to be handled with caution.

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  • lahawzel
    "The Tt eSports Level 10 M feels cooler to the touch than a well-known competitor's flagship".

    Dangit, which mouse is this? The picture shows too little of it for me to tell!
  • amuffin
    At about $100

    Thanks, but it's kinda expensive...
  • ricardok
    lahawzel"The picture shows too little of it for me to tell!
  • olaf
    i guess someoen got a good deal on his new BMW after this article....
  • FormatC
    591003 said:
    i guess someoen got a good deal on his new BMW after this article....
    Wrong, I'm an Audi-Driver :D
  • olaf
    482859 said:
    Wrong, I'm an Audi-Driver :D

    Hah there may be hope for you yet :)
  • FormatC
    No chance. I had 2 BMWs, never again ;)
  • designasaurus
    For the hand-temperature test, was the competitor's mouse also used with fingertip/claw grip?

    I ask because I use fingertip grip myself, and I am inclined to think that simply keeping the bulk of your hand off the mouse does a lot to reduce sweating. In fact, the only places that get sweaty are where the fingertips go, just like in the picture of the Level 10 M!
  • FormatC
    it’s designed to be used with a combination of a claw and a fingertip grip.

    It was measured the same place (on both mices) where the palm rested really. Take a look at the first and second photo (sweat traces). The second mouse was touched in the same way (I hate the complete palm-grip) :)
  • boletus
    Way too many gizmos for me; how do you hold onto it without pressing a button? Does anyone make an ergonomic, durable mouse with adjustable DPI and less than 6 buttons? I have a Logitech G500 with a primary button that wore out after one year, and I had to disable the thumb buttons because they just get in the way. Spent $60, and feel like a fool, since the cheapo OEM Logitech mice last longer. But I need high DPI for my wrist.
  • echondo
    So, now we need to worry about our mice overheating?

  • sixdegree
    I'd like to see some comparison on thermal performance between this Level 10M mouse and TT Black Element Cyclone. One of them use passive thermal solution in form of holes while the other use active spinning fan. Also, operating noise benchmark would be nice.
  • ryedizzel
    not enough side buttons to replace my razer for MMOs (or most other games i play). but i can attest to Thermaltake's build quality. currently using their Meka G1 mechanical keyboard after trying the razer and corsair and sending them back.
  • ryedizzel
    and for the record corsair's K60 keyboard also had great build quality. but i felt the cherry black switches on the Meka G1 were better for gaming.
  • FormatC
    You can disable every button separately if you dislike the switch :)
  • Jax69
    is it ambidextrous or not?
  • FormatC
    Yes, it is.
  • tului
    You could have called a 6 pointed screwdriver what it is...A Torx.
  • tului
    tuluiYou could have called a 6 pointed screwdriver what it is...A Torx.

    Or actually a hex driver, which it appears to be.
  • FormatC
    402551 said:
    You could have called a 6 pointed screwdriver what it is...A Torx.

    Typical translation error - but it insn't a Torx :D

    This is a so-called Inbus design, not Torx (left: Inbus, right: Torx)
  • phyco126
    My fiancee is disabled and only has the use of her right hand. She has lived a relatively normal life, but she admitted that she feels left out of everything life has to offer, including video games. So the question is: would this mouse be good for someone who only can use one hand, in which they can program the buttons to do everything they need?
  • Onus
    I find that a tilt-wheel has the easiest extra buttons to use when you want them, but never accidentally hit; and they're not grip-dependent (why I hated the Razer I tried).
    In any case, $100 for a mouse does not make sense to me.
  • digiex
    Is it hovering? So that the bottom will not wear.
  • kevith
    Reviewing the cardboard-box DOES NOT belong on a site for grown-ups!!