Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review: A BMW For Your Hands

Technical Specifications, Materials, And Ergonomics

Technical Specifications

The Thermaltake Tt eSports Level 10 M is almost exclusively made out of aluminum. It does set new standards for material durability and build quality, even though, again, there are a few nitpicks we'll go over. For now, here are the technical specifications:

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Available ColorsDiamond Black Iron White Military Green Blazing Red
Sensor Sensitivity8200 DPI MaximumSet via Software, Four Settings via MouseDefaults: 800, 1600, 3200, and 5000 DPI
Sensor TypeLaserAvago ADNS-9800
Number of ButtonsSeven Total- Two Mouse Buttons- Two Side Buttons on Each Side- Four-Way Button on Left Side
Button DeactivationSide Buttons Can Be Deactivated
Button ManufacturerOmron
Internal Memory128 KB
Macro Keys11
Number of ProfilesFive
Lighting EffectsLeft Mouse Button, Mouse Wheel, Thermaltake LogoSeven Color Options
Mouse CableUSB 2.01.8-MeterBraided
Weights (for Weight Adjustment)None
Weight (without Cable)185 gram
Dimensions147 x 67.5 x 38.8 mm

Materials and Coating

The retail version of the Tt eSports Level 10 M looks more mature than the first engineering samples we saw. Its aluminum components are very robust, leaving an impression of high-quality manufacturing. We had to use a magnifying glass to find any ridges and tear-off edges.

The coating on top of the mouse is a different story. It should hold up well enough under normal use, but we strongly recommend against wearing any rings on the hand with which you mouse, especially if they have sharp edges. Bare metal could scratch the nonslip coating or the clear coating on the metal strip in the middle.


We had four people with different hand sizes and shapes use the Tt eSports Level 10 M. We wanted to know about its general handling, long-term comfort, and best-fit gaming applications. Despite initial skepticism about the very open design, it didn't take long for our quartet to acknowledge the mouse's comfort.

In spite of the Level 10 M’s size, it’s designed to be used with a combination of a claw and a fingertip grip. Only parts of the hand touch the peripheral as it's moved around with your fingers. The symmetrical shape, which can be changed via tilt adjustment, supports similar hand-feel for righties and lefties. This makes the mouse ideal for mid- to high-sensitivity gamers.

The only attribute you'll need to adapt to is a heavy 185-gram weight that'll tire out enthusiasts with smaller hands and anyone not used to gaming for long periods of time. If you're a more seasoned power user, though, the weight should be fine, particularly since Teflon feet make the Level 10 M easier to move.

Large, well-separated mouse buttons have nice switch activation, with a very exact and well-placed pressure point. This conveys predictable feedback.

The strain relief up front is more for good looks than functionality. The mouse cable is a little inflexible at first, but it gets better as you use it. Eventually, the cable reaches a point where it doesn’t negatively impact the mouse’s movement.

We’re not going to spend any time on the gold-plated USB plug that companies feel the need to include for marketing reasons. The attached cap is useful for protecting the connector during transport, though.

A polling rate of up to 1000 Hz comes in handy for high-DPI settings. Then again, we don't see anyone really using the 8200 DPI maximum resolution.

  • lahawzel
    "The Tt eSports Level 10 M feels cooler to the touch than a well-known competitor's flagship".

    Dangit, which mouse is this? The picture shows too little of it for me to tell!
  • amuffin
    At about $100
    Thanks, but it's kinda expensive...
  • ricardok
    lahawzel"The picture shows too little of it for me to tell!Razer??
  • olaf
    i guess someoen got a good deal on his new BMW after this article....
  • FormatC
    9537765 said:
    i guess someoen got a good deal on his new BMW after this article....
    Wrong, I'm an Audi-Driver :D
  • olaf
    9537766 said:
    Wrong, I'm an Audi-Driver :D

    Hah there may be hope for you yet :)
  • FormatC
    No chance. I had 2 BMWs, never again ;)
  • designasaurus
    For the hand-temperature test, was the competitor's mouse also used with fingertip/claw grip?

    I ask because I use fingertip grip myself, and I am inclined to think that simply keeping the bulk of your hand off the mouse does a lot to reduce sweating. In fact, the only places that get sweaty are where the fingertips go, just like in the picture of the Level 10 M!
  • FormatC
    it’s designed to be used with a combination of a claw and a fingertip grip.
    It was measured the same place (on both mices) where the palm rested really. Take a look at the first and second photo (sweat traces). The second mouse was touched in the same way (I hate the complete palm-grip) :)
  • boletus
    Way too many gizmos for me; how do you hold onto it without pressing a button? Does anyone make an ergonomic, durable mouse with adjustable DPI and less than 6 buttons? I have a Logitech G500 with a primary button that wore out after one year, and I had to disable the thumb buttons because they just get in the way. Spent $60, and feel like a fool, since the cheapo OEM Logitech mice last longer. But I need high DPI for my wrist.