Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review: A BMW For Your Hands

Exotic Looks, Good Ergonomics, And Nice Build Quality

After spending quality time with the Tt eSports Level 10 M, we found it to be a lot more practical than we thought it'd be. We were dubious when we got a good look at its eccentric shape, but we still think the mouse is cool, and our doubts about its usability are gone. A lot of people will look at the Level 10 M’s design with envy (Ed.: Igor, here in the U.S. we call those people haters). But beyond its striking aesthetics, you end up with good ergonomics, software loaded with the options you need to customize your mousing experience, and materials of high-enough quality to keep you happy with your investment for a long time.

If you're looking for a mouse you can grip with your palm, keep looking. Thermaltake's Tt eSports Level 10 M is intended to be moved by fingers on each of its sides, and it doesn't need much vertical pressure. Other mice, from Thermaltake or other vendors, are better for those accustomed to a palm grip.

The Level 10 M manages to reduce sweating somewhat through a combination of design, claw and fingertip grip, and materials. But take this with a grain of salt. You'll still probably sweat over long periods of time. Our measurements do show that there's something to Thermaltake's claims, though.

A sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 8200 DPI is impressive, even if, practically speaking, it isn't necessary.

Gamers used to lightweight mice that move with very little effort might not like the fact that this solution weighs 185 grams. It's somewhat similar to a wireless mouse with a battery. But the slight heft is welcome, in our opinion.

The bundled software includes all of the features we'd expect, and it runs stably in version 1.0. Thermaltake could have left out the advertisement videos, since anyone with the utility installed already owns the mouse. That effort could have gone into providing a better experience in languages other than English.

Purchase Recommendation

If you like exotic hardware sporting a cool design that just so happens to be surprisingly usable in day-to-day operation, then this might be the mouse for you.

Others’ envy is included in the price. At about $100, you aren’t likely to see many peers with this mouse. In spite of its high price, though, we chose to give Thermaltake's Tt eSports Level 10 M a purchase recommendation. We haven’t seen any competition sporting such an interesting design. But more important, particularly for a mouse, is that the Level 10 M is comfortable to use over long periods of time. The combination of good looks and practicality make this a good buy for anyone with deep-enough pockets.

Some will love this mouse and some will hate it, but everybody will take a second look. And that alone is worth something.