Supertalent Has the Smallest USB Flash Drive

The new Mini USB Flash drive by Supertalent probably is the smallest USB 2.0 flash drive we’ve ever seen. It isn’t longer than a nail on your big toe, and it is available at 2, 4 and 8 GB via Newegg and other etailers. According to Supertalent, the 2 GB version offers less performance than the 4 and 8 GB models. None of them is certified for Vista ReadyBoost, yet they should be fast enough to handle small to medium amounts of portable data. You’ll be fine unless you need to move hundreds of megabytes on a regular basis.

supertalent flash

The device is covered into a glossy metal case, which looks nice, but immediately gets covered with your fingerprints. A little chain is available to link the Mini USB Flash drive to your key fob. While the connector is unprotected, Supertalent also claims it to be water resistant.

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  • americanbrian
    OCZ does a much more impressive range. It is maybe 2-3mm longer but it is honestly the best performing Flash drive I have ever used.

    Transfer rates beat out most of the competition. Fits in my credit card slot in my wallet, just behind my drviers license, Its great and you can get them quite cheap too at ebuyer.
  • Pei-chen
    pqi's i810 is about the same size and has been available on Newegg for a year now.
  • Anonymous
    These things are actually 30mb/s read and write, way faster than 99% of other USB drives.