Microsoft Talks XNA Games for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has unveiled its new XNA Game Studio 4.0 for developers who want to work on games for Windows Phone 7 Series, the Xbox 360 and Windows. According to a blog post by Michael Klucher, Lead Program Manger for the XNA Development Platform, XNA 4.0 packs visual studio integration, which means developers can build a single project and with just a few tweaks, have it run on all three platforms.

Klucher's post also revealed that though Microsoft will continue to support game development for the Zune HD via XNA 3.1 and migrating games from the Zune to Windows Phone 7 will be really easy, the Zune won't be included in the XNA 4.0 release. Rumor has it Microsoft will be launching a Zune HD2 later this year that will be compatible but there's no official confirmation on that.

So what does gaming on Windows Phone 7 look like? Impressive, to say the least.

Engadget describes this title, The Harvest, as "a good looking touch-controlled dungeon crawler with destructible environments." It was put together in two or three weeks and mostly from scratch.

Check the screenshots below.

Read more here and here.

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  • micr0be
    very impressive, but we still need to c what gpu is being used and the clock speeds of the hardware mobile 7 is running on.
  • Shadow703793
    If those screen shots are real/accurate this gives the Nintendo DS/ Sony PSP a pretty damn good run for it's money assuming the graphic detail shown in the pics are accurate and game play is easy/fun/good.
  • micr0be
    jane .... we both know that this article is perfect for a crysis joke ... ur so teasing everyone to say it LOL!!