Xi3 Miniature Modular PC Scales Up

Xi3’s dual-core Athlon-based PC appeared at CES, with the company showing off a modular design that allows traditional upgrades in a nontraditional form factor.

It may not be an ATX derivative, but potential buyers will be happy to note that most of its modules will be upgradeable for $50 to $100 as more-powerful versions are released.

Stackable for easier cluster building, buyers who prefer simplicity to power can also go the other way by adding up to three “Zero” modules, or terminals, to allow a single PC to support multiple stations.

Xi3’s base system is already available for under $900, while its Zero modules are scheduled for release in late March.

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  • sykozis
    I just don't understanding paying a premium price, for outdated technology....especially processors that were EOL'd...
  • 11796pcs
    So you build the PC together with these independent modules? Anyway, they probably chose the processor they did to limit heat output and cost.
  • ProDigit10

    No fan?

    Where's the RAM?

    Me like!