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Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus

AMD's Dual Core Laptops Have Arrived: Introducing the Turion 64 X2

As could be seen from the results of the rescaling and filtering of the video file, the additional SSE3 functions evidently gave AMD's dual-engine drive a slight advantage over the Intel competitors.

SiSoft Sandra 2005 SR2

This result clearly shows how important it was for AMD to migrate from the integrated one-channel DDR memory interface to dual-channel operation and DDR2 memory. The peak memory bandwidth of the Turion 64 X2 has increased by a staggering 67 percent over the Turion 64!

Multitasking Scenario Test Results

Multitasking I WinRAR + LAME

Multitasking II WinRAR + LAME + Ogg + WMV

Multitasking III FineReader + AVG Anti-Virus

Any dual core is good for laptops, but an Intel CPU with two execution units is currently the better solution for multitasking operation, at least in terms of performance.

Of course, the result does not expose the fact that both dual-core systems respond promptly to keyboard input, whether they are equipped with an AMD processor or an Intel processor. Thus, you can comfortably encode a video file, watch a DVD movie, and take a quick look at your e-mail at the same time, without slowing down the computer.

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