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AMD's Dual Core Laptops Have Arrived: Introducing the Turion 64 X2

Office Applications: SYSmark 2004 SE

The SYSmark 2004 SE benchmark tests focus exclusively on performance, without taking battery life into consideration. The tests require the test computer to be connected to the wall socket. Like MobileMark 2005, SYSmark 2004 SE makes use of real-world applications for its benchmark tests. This benchmark suite uses automated scripts to simulate typical user behavior.

The SYSmark 2004 SE tests are organized into two benchmark scenarios: Internet content creation and office productivity. Internet content creation comprises three test groups: 3D content, 2D content and web publication. The office productivity scenario is also split into three test groups: communication (e-mail, calendar, and web browsing), document creation, and data analysis.

As with the MobileMark 2005 overall performance rating, all SYSmark 2004 SE ratings are based on the response time in relation to the performance of a 100-point reference system with standard equipment. Note that the office productivity values of MobileMark 2005 and SYSmark 2004 SE cannot be compared with each other.

The following diagrams show the SYSmark 2004 SE benchmark results of the two 12.1" MSI laptops S271 and S270, both based on AMD laptop processors, and the ultra-portable Centrino Duo system Asus W5F.

You can find our comments about the test results after the diagrams.