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AMD's Dual Core Laptops Have Arrived: Introducing the Turion 64 X2

Battery Life: MobileMark 2005

The MobileMark 2005 benchmarks test the behavior of a mobile computer running solely on battery power. There are four separate battery life tests: office productivity, read and search, DVD playback, and wireless Web browsing. Every test uses real-world applications and runs from the time when the battery is fully charged and the power supply is disconnected from the test machine, to the point when the battery is fully discharged and the PC shuts itself off. Test results are written to a log file.

In addition, MobileMark 2005 constantly keeps tabs on two performance values during execution of the office productivity test: it calculates an overall performance value and an average response time for the completion of all activities that occur during the test. The overall performance value builds upon the average response time measured, but is expressed in relation to a standard reference system outfitted with average components, whose value is set at 100 points.

The following diagrams show the MobileMark 2005 test results for the HP nx6325 and nx6125 - which are based on the Turion 64 X2 and the single-core Turion 64, respectively - and the comparison platform Dell Inspiron 9400 equipped with an Intel Core Duo T2400 processor. Continue to read the comments about the test results after the diagrams.