How To Assemble The Ultimate Toolbox

A Look Inside The Top, Continued

Next, I also carry an outlet circuit tester. The ability to test an outlet for proper polarity and grounding is often required. These devices are relatively cheap and are manufactured by a variety of sources. The circuit tester that I use is manufactured by TrippLite. In addition to these major items, I also carry a small quantity of solder, a CD Rom/DVD Rom audio pass-through cable, and some USB to PS2 converters.

The right-hand side of the top is where I store my Linksys USB100M portable USB NIC, as well as a selection of rails and slot covers, that will meet the needs of almost any situation.

In the right-hand top of the MasterCart, you will find a selection of rails, slot covers, thermal compound, and Leviton RJ45 punch down tools. In addition to those useful items, maybe the most important item that should not be overlooked is the unique Linksys EtherFast 10-100 Compact USB Network Adapter (USB100M). This compact USB device provides the ability to quickly plug into most computers via the USB port to test and troubleshoot network connectivity issues. Despite its compact size, the USB100M, which is no larger than about three dimes sitting end to end, provides a quick and cost effective way to check network connectivity issues without having to crack the system open and install a new NIC.

I also usually keep a No. 2 pencil in the same compartment where the rails and slot covers are housed, which comes in handy for various network and other chores where marking is required.

A look at the top tray that resides under the top of the MasterCart. The same tray design is used for the bottom tray, as well.
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