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Benchmark Results: Noise And Efficiency

Roundup: Six Sub-$40 Performance CPU Coolers Compared

Lower is better when it comes to noise, so our noise level chart is arranged with the quietest solution on top. Because our meter is accuracy-rated at 30 decibels and above, all measurements were first taken at ¼ meter, and then corrected to an industry-standard 1 m distance.

Gelid rates its 1500 RPM fan at 25.5 decibels, and our tests show that number to be valid at slightly less than 26 db (which we rounded up). The Xigmatek Gaia isn’t far behind at 27 decibels.

Low noise keeps the temperature-to-noise ratio in Gelid’s favor, and Xigmatek again takes second place. It appears that Gelid’s dimpled cooling fins just might have a bigger performance advantage than Xigmatek’s direct-touch heat pipe design.

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