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Benchmark Results: Crysis (DX10)

Amazing SLI Scaling: Do Two GeForce GTX 460s Beat One GTX 480?

The GeForce GTX 460 SLI solution continues its rampage in Crysis, beginning with an unbelievable 95% improvement over a single card when using medium resolutions at the game’s highest settings. Equally unfathomable is its 27% lead over the single GeForce GTX 480.

Yes, it can play Crysis, even at the 1920x1080 pixel resolution native to mid-budget monitors, and even with all the eye-candy enabled. Adding AA to the GeForce GTX 480, however, causes it to drop below our target 40 FPS average frame rate.

The AA bug we normally see in SLI systems at Crysis’ highest settings appears to be gone completely using Nvidia’s latest drivers with the GeForce GTX 460. We even retested at 8x to make sure the bug was gone, and confirmed that it is no longer a problem. Nobody will be playing this game at these low frame rates, but at least the performance scaling is appropriate.

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