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Building With The SG07B-W

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With most of its hardware factory-installed, the SG07B’s installation kit is fairly sparse. Its power supply includes a high-quality cable, and SilverStone adds a self-adhesive foam ring (shipped with a supportive foam disk) for porting the graphics card fan directly to the side panel.

Unfortunately, the shape of our graphic’s card’s cover didn’t conform to the fan port’s design, and that type of ventilation isn’t designed for dual-fan cards anyway. We advise anyone building with the SG07B to choose a graphics card with single-fan, blower-style cooler instead.

We said before that the SG07B’s included power supply is a standard full-sized (PS/2) form factor unit, and card installation is the snag that will force buyers who want to replace it to spend extra time shopping. Most high-capacity power supplies are longer than standard and will block card installation, as do the power cables of most modular units.

Anyone with minimal build experience will find nothing unfamiliar in the SG07’s hardware installation, though we didn’t notice the dual-2.5” drive space between the case’s 3.5” drive bay and power supply until we took this photo.

Our finished SG07B-W looks nice to us, though we find it somewhat incomplete without blue (USB 3.0) front-panel ports.

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