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SYSmark 2007 Results

Five Multimedia Notebooks, Tested

SYSmark is an application-based benchmark that’s designed to mimic usage patterns for business users who require PCs to get real work done. It runs the PCs on which it is installed through a series of tasks that include video creation, e-learning, 3D modeling and office productivity applications. The executable embeds special encrypted versions of real-world applications (to avoid license abuse) that include PhotoShop, WinZip, MS Office and more (see the SYSmark 2007 white paper, section 2.2, for a complete list of what’s used for each scenario). The intent is to create a workload that’s as realistic as possible. The geometric mean of the four scenario scores is calculated to provide the overall score, rounded to the nearest integer value.

The overall SYSmark scores produce the following ranking:

Except for the Asus, all of the other notebooks fall in a fairly narrow 12-point range (between 8%and 9% of the base value). A score of 100 on SYSmark 2007 is intended to match the system used to calibrate the workload: an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86 GHz) with 1 GB RAM running pre-SP1 Vista with a 7100 GS video card. Given that the Sony beat the Eurocom overall, we have to speculate that the workloads didn’t exercise the quad-core system as heavily as it might have.

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