What's Faster Our Builds or Dell's H2C?


3D Mark 2005

3D Mark appears not to use the extra two cores from the XPS 720 H2C, which puts our high-end build's performance between that of the factory-overclocked and custom-overclocked Dell configurations. The budget system still breaks 10,000 marks easily at stock speed, which could make owners of two-year-old, high-end systems want to cry.


SPECviewperf shows a lot of love for our own high-end build, and the overclocked budget system is nearly a match for the custom-overclocked Dell. Notice, however, that the 3D Studio Max viewset results are completely different from our own 3D Studio Max testing, as the viewset relies on an older version of the rendering program that apparently doesn't use all four cores of the XPS 720 H2C.

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