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Results: F1 2012

AMD's Piledriver And K10 CPU Architectures Face Off

F1 2012 is one of Codemasters’ popular DirectX 11 racing titles based on its own Ego Engine 2.

Each processor remains playable through the Ultra detail preset, so our F1 2012 analysis becomes all about architectural scaling. In general, Piledriver does well compared to K10, and even the Athlon X4 750K manages to outpace the quad-core Phenom II at 3.4 GHz. I don’t doubt that some of this is a result of increased memory bandwidth, as F1 2012 is one of those rare titles where tweaking the RAM and CPU-NB frequencies can yield almost as much extra performance as processor overclocking.

As an example, running at 4.7 GHz, the FX-4350 averages 101.3 FPS (a gain of 4.5 FPS). But our tweaked overclock manages 105.5 FPS at the same 4.7 GHz.

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