Saving Your Data After a Head Crash: An Inside Look at a Disk Recovery Service

Reconstruction Check

In any case, once this recovery process is completed it's not necessarily certain that the information collected together will be in perfect condition afterwards, or that it will correspond to what the customer would like to have back. A destroyed PST file from Outlook would ultimately be of no use to the customer.

Therefore, the recovered data is placed on an internal server and the entire data stock is simultaneously checked for viruses and, following that, burned as a workable RAR archive on DVDs, which are then sent to the customer. Naturally, other media or delivery methods can be used if requested.

What Happens With Customer Data?

The original hard disk and the copy remain with CBL until the customer confirms that data recovery was successful. Once a positive response is received, the original hard disk is sent back to the customer. After that, all customer data at CBL is deleted. To safely delete hard disks, CBL uses its own program called Data Shredder, which the company makes available free of charge .

A hard disk drive is deleted several times in accordance with various methods approved by different governments and institutions. It also makes sense to delete this way if you plan to sell a hard disk and want to be sure that the new owner can no longer recover the data (or have it recovered). Depending on the selected deletion method, which varies particularly with regard to the number of overwrite runs, this can take up to several hours.

The customer's data is completely deleted by CBL; both from the server as well as from all drives that may have been used.
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  • Frank is the name
    Thank you. This is informative. I really cried my heart out when someone stole my external hard drive and when my computer crashed. I usually relied on cloud storage but some of it are really disappointing. I haven't tried firms like CBL Data Recovery or Ontrack for hard disk recovery but I did try dtidata. I find it decent. Have you compared these data hard drive recovery? What do you think is the best?

  • Frank is the name

    How do you think DTI fared with CBL or Ontrack? Any thoughts?