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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Shuttle's X27: Can Atom Handle Vista?

Although the low-power Athlon X2 4850e isn’t going to be a great choice in a gaming machine, the Radeon HD 4670 helps achieve DirectX 10 compatibility at a very attractive price. In contrast, the GMA 950 in Intel’s 945GC chipset barely manages to run DirectX 9.0c titles. Its feature set is insufficient for 3DMark Vantage, unfortunately, and you certainly won’t be playing any games on it.

The synthetic scores from Vantage merely confirm the results garnered from our real-world tests—and multiply them. Across the board you can see that the Atom trails the more powerful 45 W Athlon—admittedly a different class of processor, but on equal footing when it comes to the price of these two platforms.

No surprise here. A single channel of memory running at 667 MHz (versus dual-channel 800 MHz) is only able to deliver a fraction of the memory bandwidth.

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