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Windows WBGP Winner's Circle

Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 25, Firefox 19, And IE10

Before we crown a champion, let's see where the contenders stand in pure performance. The chart below only factors in the performance-based testing (startup time, page load time, JavaScript/DOM, HTML5, and HWA).

Wow. When we look strictly at the performance-oriented metrics, we almost have different winners for each version of Windows. While Chrome clearly takes the lead on Windows 7, Firefox almost scores a victory in Windows 8. IonMonkey narrowed the performance gap, just not quite enough. IE10 takes a distant third place under either OS, with IE9 in tow. Opera pitifully places last in performance testing, achieving one-third of the Chrome and Firefox scores.

Now we'll add efficiency, reliability, security, and standards conformance to the mix and see how the standings change. 

While it was a close race, Chrome's showing in all four of the remaining non-performance metrics was superior to Firefox, closing the deal. Firefox does place a very close second, especially in Windows 8, where it has an apparent advantage. In fact, looking at the performance index reveals that Firefox receives an even larger boost from the new version of Windows than IE10.

Speaking of, Microsoft's newest browser doesn't exactly shake the earth on either version of the company's ubiquitous OS, earning a mediocre third place. Opera and IE9 share last place, halving Chrome's score. It's hard to believe that the Norwegian browser went toe-to-toe with Google just a few short years ago. With version 12 a continuing disappointment, perhaps it's best that Opera join the ranks of Chrome clones.

Google Chrome remains the reigning Web Browser Grand Prix Champion for Windows (and Linux). Congratulations on the ninth WBGP victory!

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